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Catching Up

Ok, so I know I’ve slacked off a bit lately. Don’t worry. I’m not falling into my bad Florida habits. I’ve just been busy!

In the past two weeks: our son turned 3 and we hosted our first birthday party in our new home, two mothers have visited over two weekends, Britton has had an ear infection and Kariss is just getting over pink eye – whew!

Tonight we got to attend an amazing event at our church that was a benefit for a boy named David who has glaucoma. Essentially, we got to listen to Brandon Heath, Matthew West, our friend Tiffany (Plumb), and Jason Ingram (a worship leader at our church) take turn singing songs acoustically. They were all sitting next to each other on stools, sharing the stories behind their songs and having fun with each other. I’m not the biggest fan of concerts (the way I know them as big stadiums with a lot of drunk people partying in the parking lot), but this was just up my alley. What a treat!

Before going to bed, Ricky surprised Kariss with the news that he’d be taking her to a daddy/daughter dance on Friday night. After her gleeful smile subsided a bit, the first words out of her mouth were, “What shoes will I wear?”
Honestly, I don’t know why we were suprised. It was a classic moment. Our daughter, the fashion designer.

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  1. Aw that’s better! Welcome back!

    AND KARISS, SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!! Hysterical!