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Buy Small

March 13, 2015: Buy Small

Trying to save money but still enjoy eating out? I have a simple tip to help today…

I’m a big fan of making small changes before simply eradicating everything from your life when it comes to saving money. So if you absolutely can’t give up that designer coffee or going out to lunch with co-workers, I’m going to ask you to make one small change…actually that’s it: Buy Small!

That’s right, whatever you typically order, just order a smaller version of it. Not only will this save you money and calories, you’ll soon find you’ll be just as satisfied. If you’re already buying the smallest size possible, consider splitting a meal with a friend or your spouse. While some outlets may try to sell you on the fact that the largest size is the best value, nothing is as valuable as paying the lowest price possible when trying to build up your savings!


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