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Do you ever feel like you’re pre-programmed?

We have a 2007 minivan that has GPS, but we also have a 2001 Camry that was created way before the invention of navigation systems.

What has that taught me? That you never realize how dependent you are upon technology until that technology is taken away.

Recently our van broke down, and it’s funny because just before that incident, I had thrown out the idea to my husband about selling the van and just living off of the one car for awhile.

Well I guess God wanted me to put my money where my mouth was, because only hours later, our van broke down and we were left to see what it was like to really live with only one car.

Now mind you, back before Britton was born, we were forced to sell our second car because of our financial situation. It was one of those acts that really lead us into getting serious about our finances, and making things work even when it didn’t seem possible. But at the time, I was not working, and my husband only works 2 miles from our home, so if absolutely necessary, I could walk to his work to pick up the car to use for me and the kids.

These days, it seems like everything we do is half an hour away from us: the kids school, Ricky’s work, and even my work that takes me all over the city.

So not only did we find ourselves in a new genre of schedule coordination, but I also felt like I had to relearn how to drive.

Places I had visited dozens of times before, I suddenly didn’t know how to get to because I didn’t have our navigation directing me!

But perhaps the worst realization was that I had learned to depend so heavily on those sensors and rear cameras that are installed in our minivan. You know… the ones that beep as you get closer to things and then seem to scream at you right before you hit something.

Yeah, those.

It’s scary because I noticed that I rarely have to turn around when I drive anymore! I had become so dependent on those beeps and that rear camera that I would just trust the sensors instead of turning around myself.

Truth be told, I had become dependent on said sensors and trusted that they would steer me in the right direction. Literally.

Sometimes, I feel like we view our Christian walk in much of the same way.

We remember that mountaintop experience that brought us closer to Christ in the first place, but then rely on it to feed our daily walk for years following.

Just like driving, if you don’t pay attention, you’ll end up in a wreck. You may think you know the way, but if you don’t pay attention, you won’t be aware of accidents, new construction, road work or detours that may confront you along the way.

Just because you know Christ does not mean our lives will be easy or free from temptation. If you are not continually paying attention and  redirecting yourself back to the original road map (God’s Word), chances are you will end up going in the wrong direction.

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