Almighty Ruler

by Sami

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“If they only knew…”
“You can’t possibly understand…”
“No-one feels my pain…”
Have these words ever permeated your thoughts after speaking to someone? Do you know who could ever truly understand your unique position and circumstance?

Only Jesus can.

Now that I have children, I have an additional repertory of experiences that I could never have appreciated before being a mom. Looking back, I specifically remember several situations where I demonstrated insensitivity to those with children simply because I had never walked a day in their shoes.

By no means was I trying to be malicious, I just honestly had no clue about everything that needed to be considered in those circumstances.

When we measure our expectations against others, we ultimately get disappointed.

Likewise, we may assume that someone is being selfish when, in reality, we are the ones who are self-centered. God is truly our only measure. He is the Almighty Ruler over our lives, both in terms of who we answer to and in terms of the standard we measure our lives against.

While this may seem like an impossible standard to live up to, it’s actually quite freeing to know that there is a consistency in Christ that no single human being can ever provide. Once we cease expecting people to fill the role only God can, relationships can finally begin falling into their proper place.

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