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revolution-red-flagsWe are in the midst of a revolution.

To say that 2011 was interesting for our family would be an understatement: we started a new business, struggled with our health, traveled to new places, stretched our finances, and refined our marriage.

While I wouldn’t change any of it (well, maybe a few things), it does make me more reflective for the year ahead.

I know there are things we need to do differently so that we don’t simply survive each day, but instead thrive.

I just read this quote, and not only did it make me stop and think, but it truly sums up how we want to live from this point forward:

Live with thanksgiving, forgiveness and joy, and enjoy all your moments as if they were your last. Someday, soon enough, they will be.” ~Debi Pearl

My father just turned 85 on New Year’s Eve, and I desperately wanted our family to travel to Chicago to spend it with him. While circumstances prevented us from doing so, I realized that we can’t let age determine the urgency with which we should take advantage of life! After all, we never know what tomorrow holds, so why are we wasting today?

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. ~ Matthew 6:34

So this year we are living without regret. We are embracing each day for what it is and recognizing that while we attempt to get organized and implement more routines, our schedule is not our own. We want to be available to those who need us, intentional in our relationships with God and each other, and purposeful in taking charge of our health, our work and our joy (it is a choice!).

So I want to say thank you in advance for all of you who have walked with me in this journey and for those of you who will continue along the way. I don’t know exactly what lies in store, but I do know that I am grateful for today and the promise of tomorrow.

Who’s ready to join me in a revolution?


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