Cheap Easter Baskets {Family Money Minute}

by brenna

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Cheap Easter Baskets


April 1, 2015: Cheap Easter Baskets

Hoping to create a fun Easter basket for your kids without breaking the bank?

While celebrating Easter is not up for debate for most Christians, how to celebrate it often is.

Over the next two days, I’m sharing my favorite tips to create cheap Easter baskets your kids will love!

First of all, you need to consider what type of Easter basket you wish to use. I have two schools of thought on this: You can either use a homemade Easter basket your kids help you make from things like plastic beach buckets, tin pails or even old Build A Bear boxes!


You can Invest in an Heirloom Easter Basket. It might not be as cheap as making your own, but if it’s something you’ll keep and re-use year to year (as we have for the past 8 years), the cost definitely evens out.

And while we’re talking about re-using materials, don’t forget to save all those plastic eggs and Easter grass year to year so you’re not paying a premium for it!


The Family Money Minute is made possible by Operation Christmas Child, who reminds us that by saving money, we can make a bigger impact on the lives of needy children around the world.

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