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Develop the Habit {Family Money Minute Radio}


July 11, 2014: Develop the Habit

A lot of people think, “If I spend money, then I’ll follow through”, but I have some different advice for you…

People are always looking for a quick fix to solve all their problems and are often willing to spend more money than usual to make that happen, whether it’s a piece of home gym equipment, laser hair removal, or the latest cleaning gadget.

The problem comes when you front the cash without first developing a habit. The gadget won’t solve your problem, your determination will.

So before you invest in the latest fad, spend at least 21 days making sure you have the discipline to either commit to the time it takes to use the product or to save the money it will cost to buy it.


The Family Money Minute is made possible by Operation Christmas Child, who reminds us that by saving money, we can make a bigger impact on the lives of needy children around the world.

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