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The #1 Thing I Learned as a Football Mom

football mom

I promise, I really intend to tell you the number one thing I learned as a football mom (this isn’t a stalling technique), but I do feel morally obligated to confess one very important fact to you: I have only been a football mom for about an hour. It’s true. My eight-year-old son just started playing flag football through the …

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Britton’s Mr Peabody Movie Birthday Party

We celebrated my son Britton’s 8th birthday on March 1 with a Mr Peabody Movie Birthday Party. The new Dreamworks Animation film Mr. Peabody & Sherman doesn’t come out until March 7, 2014, but when I was offered the chance to give away 100 #MrPeabody tickets to my readers for a preview of the film on March 1, I saw …

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Teaching Kids Psalm 23 – Scripture Memorization


Teaching kids Psalm 23: teaching kids how to memorize Psalm 23 through video, song & hand motions. In the scripture memorization videos below, I’m teaching my kids Psalm 23. Psalm 23. It’s six verses and typically I recommend teaching your kids one verse a week, but you can teach this to your kids in a month if you work on …

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Cathy Rigby’s Peter Pan delights another generation in Nashville!


Cathy Rigby’s Peter Pan delights another generation! It’s midnight and I just got back from seeing Peter Pan, starring Cathy Rigby, at TPAC in Nashville! I wasn’t asked to write a review, but I was so pleasantly surprised by how entertaining this show was that I wanted to let you all know that if you haven’t bought tickets for this …

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Happy Birthday Jake (& Britton!) March 1, 2013


I didn’t realize Britton shared a birthday with such a famous friend 😉 As it turns out, March 1 is not only my son’s birthday, but it’s Jake’s birthday too! You know, Jake…from the Disney Junior show “Jake & the Neverland Pirates”. For those of us with kids in the under 8 crowd, Jake is a Superstar of mega proportions. …

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Sweet Cece’s Groupon coupon is back!

Did you see the Sweet Cece’s Groupon is back?  My son is once again gracing the front page of deal sites! So if you missed Sweet Cece’s Groupon last time around, grab it now: Get $10 of Sweet Cece’s for only $5. (If if doesn’t take you directly to the Sweet Cece’s deal, just search Sweet Cece’s or Featured deals…I’ve …

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Kids Easter Question

Yesterday in the car, Britton (my 6 year old) posed a question about Easter that only kids can. He asked me, “Mommy, which holiday is the most special-est, Easter, Hanukkah or Christmas?” I paused to look at my husband, like, “Really? We’re on the way to an Easter egg hunt…where does he come up with these things?” He gave me …

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Britton’s 6th Birthday

It’s hard to believe my baby boy is six years old today. What’s even crazier is to think that he has now officially lived in Tennessee longer than he lived in Florida. When you put life in perspective of the short years of our children’s lives, it really makes you take a step back and re-focus. Another first for us …

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SamiCone.com 2011 Top Posts


Since it’s New Year’s Eve, I thought I’d share the SamiCone.com 2011 Top Posts with all of you! It seems a lot of you were checking out my Disney Deals & Tips page, as well as My Story in 2011, not to mention looking for a lot of Freebies & Deals and Meal Plans. But aside from that, here were …

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Sweet Cece’s Groupon deal TN

Did you see today’s Sweet Cece’s Groupon deal for TN? Britton’s  back! My son is once again gracing the front page of deal sites! So if you missed it last time around, grab it now: Get $10 of Sweet Cece’s for only $5 You can buy up to 5, plus you can even give some as a gift. Now isn’t …

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