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Dollar Club {Family Money Minute}


Dollar Club

March 17, 2015: Dollar Club

Think a dollar doesn’t matter? Think again!

I’ve often wondered what would happen at a fundraiser if every single person simply gave one dollar. I believe more people don’t give because they think their small contribution won’t make a difference.

I’m happy to say that my church recently put that to the test and debunked that myth.

Once a month, we participate in what’s now known as the dollar club. Our pastor asks everyone in attendance to give one dollar and only one dollar, regardless of whether you normally tithe or never have taken part in an offering before.

The result has been stupendous, totaling in thousands of dollars a month we are able to donate to a nonprofit not affiliated with our church, but doing good in the community.

So whether you’ve been thinking that a dollar is too small of an amount to either give or save, I challenge you to stop making excuses and start putting it away.


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