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Don’t Idle {Family Money Minute}

Don't Idle

July 31, 2015: Don’t Idle

Being idle isn’t typically considered a good thing, but there’s one instance when it can be particularly bad for your budget and I’ll tell you about it coming up!

During the hot and humid summer months, it can be particularly tempting to leave your car running with the A/C on when you run inside a store quick or even when waiting on your spouse, friends or kids. However, it’s one of the worst ways to waste money when it comes to your automobile.


In fact, even just turning off and then re-starting your engine multiple times can take its toll on both your wallet and your car.
So while it’s always important to put a lot of thought into your daily drive and travel schedule, pay particular attention this summer so you’re not over-idling and inevitably over spending!


The Family Money Minute is made possible by Operation Christmas Child, who reminds us that by saving money, we can make a bigger impact on the lives of needy children around the world.

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