Download the Family Money Minute Podcast {My birthday wish!}

by Sami

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download family money minute podcast

Today is my birthday.

Obviously, it’s a time to celebrate, well, birth.

I was born 39 years ago today. (Hard to believe, I know, right?)

I gave birth to two beautiful children in the last decade and I have birthed many projects over the course of my career, but perhaps none that I am more proud of than the Family Money Minute.

I’m one of those perpetual idea generators who can birth a lot of ideas, but has trouble seeing the big ones through to fruition.

But not this time…this time I did it.

For quite awhile now, people I respect have urged me to start my own syndicated radio content.

At first I thought, “Sure! That sounds great – where do I sign up?” I wrongly assumed someone would pay me to talk about whatever I wanted on the radio.

To the contrary, I’ve had to assemble a team, write scripts, record segments, produce the show and work closely with promoters, designers and a bevy of tech gurus to disseminate this information to all of you.

Simply said: hard work, good people, great content.

I’m so proud to now be able to offer you the Family Money Minute – a 60 second segment that’s designed to help families maximize their money and live better on less.

The show is already on over 100 stations nationwide, but if it’s not in your neck of the woods yet, you have one of two options:

1. Leave the call letters of your favorite station in a comment below and we’ll contact the station on your behalf

OR…and this is what I truly hope you do TODAY…

2. Download the Family Money Minute Podcast

It’s quick and easy – just click here to download the Family Money Minute podcast in iTunes. That way, you can get a 60 second budget boost anytime you feel like it! Even if you never listen to it again (though I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t), would you please download it today? Just consider it a birthday present for me 🙂

Ultimately, I hope you’ll love this new project and follow me on the continuing journey. Of course, I’d love to hear what money questions you have that you’d love me to address… or any other suggestions you might have for that matter.

But instead of singing “Happy Birthday” to me today, just go ahead and CLICK HERE – I’ll even save you the trouble of buying a card…or a balloon…or a pen… (unless you got me an array of colored Sharpies, then please, by all means, still send those on!).

So just in case I wasn’t clear…


Thanks friends. (And let me know how I can help you celebrate your birthday when the time comes!)


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