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Unconventional Birthday Party Ideas {Talk of the Town}

Unconventional Birthday Party Ideas

Every year we struggle with the same dilemma: how do we celebrate each other (especially our kids) on our birthdays without breaking the bank? Not only that, but we want to get creative and celebrate our kids’ individuality. One challenge we always face is where to gather. It can be super expensive to rent space and if your home isn’t …

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Dollywood’s Splash Country Retreat: A Multi-Generational Birthday Celebration

Dollywood's Splash Country retreat multi generational family fun

Every summer, we typically head back to Florida, where we lived for years and where some of our family still lives. However, because of our schedule this summer, we couldn’t find a big enough pocket of time to make a trip to Florida possible. But we could find four free days in a row – and you probably already know …

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Cheap Kids Birthday Party Ideas

cheap kids birthday party ideas

Planning a kids’ birthday party at home doesn’t have to eat up your time or money. With these quick tips, everyone will soon be celebrating with these cheap kids birthday party ideas:

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Free Birthday Food & Deals 2015 {Live TV}

birthday free food and deals rewards cards

If you want to know about more freebies and deals, make sure you sign up for my email list in the column on the right. In the past week, our family has celebrated 3 birthdays, so I felt it only fitting to share all the free birthday food & deals we’ve been able to take advantage of today on Talk …

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Helping Kids Celebrate Parents’ Birthdays

kids celebrate parent

Today I turn 40. For the past nine years, I have to admit, birthdays have been a bit anti-climactic. Let’s face it, our young adult years are filled with a barrage of milestone birthdays: 16, 18, 21, 25 (though I’m still not sure why), 29 and of course, the big 3-0. But after we get into our thirties, things seem …

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What I Want for My 40th Birthday…

40th birthday gift

A few people have asked me what I want for my 40th birthday, so I thought this would be as good a place as any to share (after all, there aren’t any wishing wells that I know of out here in Fairview). Let my ease your fears and state right off the bat that I’m not much of a gift …

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Little Girls Birthday Weekend at Opryland & Opry Mills


If you follow me on social media, then you were recently barraged by photos of my daughter’s belated birthday celebration. She was born just two days apart from one of her closest friends (well, four years and two days apart), so for the past few years, we have held a joint birthday party for them since we have similar friends. …

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Download the Family Money Minute Podcast {My birthday wish!}

download family money minute podcast

Today is my birthday. Obviously, it’s a time to celebrate, well, birth. I was born 39 years ago today. (Hard to believe, I know, right?) I gave birth to two beautiful children in the last decade and I have birthed many projects over the course of my career, but perhaps none that I am more proud of than the Family …

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My Birthday: A Celebration & A Fight

sami cone sunshine

Today is my birthday. As I begin my 38th year of life, I find myself in a much different place than I may have imagined just a year ago. This time last year, we had just moved into our new home and were navigating the news of my Father-in-law’s brain tumor. Needless to say, the word ‘normal’ had exited our …

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Cathy Rigby’s Peter Pan delights another generation in Nashville!


Cathy Rigby’s Peter Pan delights another generation! It’s midnight and I just got back from seeing Peter Pan, starring Cathy Rigby, at TPAC in Nashville! I wasn’t asked to write a review, but I was so pleasantly surprised by how entertaining this show was that I wanted to let you all know that if you haven’t bought tickets for this …

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