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Drugstore Rewards {Family Money Minute}

Drugstore Rewards


February 18, 2015: Drugstore Rewards

Wondering how to get the most for your money, and even score some freebies, at your local drugstore?

Many people believe that drugstores charge more for items because of their every corner convenience. And while that is typically true, you can score some great bargains if you know how to shop there.

Most drug stores have rewards programs that are free to sign up for. Once you do, make sure to combine coupons with their rewards member pricing. The key though, is to purchase in multiple transactions. Sometimes the deal doesn’t come in a cheaper price upfront, but in rewards dollars that you receive at the end of your transaction.

If you break your purchase up into multiple transactions, you can then apply the rewards dollars you get from one immediately to another, often resulting in free products!


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