New Year New Mindset (+ Onsite Workshops Discount!)

by Sami

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A new year means time for a new mindset. I spoke with Carlos Martinez, Lead Clinician of Onsite Workshops, about how to head into the new year with a healthy mindset.

I also have a rare opportunity for you to save $1000 off their signature program here in Tennessee, so keep reading…

How to Head into the New Year with a Healthy Mindset

Experience Onsite

Onsite offers intensive workshops that can be done as an individual, couple, or family. They have programs that help heal past trauma, current relationships and more.

Their workshops help you step away from the “crazy” of the world to help you focus and be you. There are no screens or phones while at Onsite, and participants don’t share their last names or occupations.

In full disclosure, I attended their flagship Living Centered Program. I cannot tell you how much the experience helped me. Being able to escape my day-to-day responsibilities while working in a small group with others also committed to addressing their own issues was invaluable.

Thank Your Body

Trauma isn’t a memory, it’s a reenactment of what our body went through. All the ways we “check out” are our body’s attempts to take care of us and survive the moment.

Many people come to Onsite thinking the worst of themselves for how they got through some of the most horrible experiences of their lives. The way to turn it on its head is to recognize that was how our body helped us survive.

Say “And” not “But”

Carlos says he’s a recovering “all or nothing” thinker. Many of us think in black or white.

Instead, try to start thinking “this AND that”. Recovery thinking means more than one thing can be true at the same time.

“What if we could remember who we were before the world told us who to be?”

Miles Adcock, Onsite Workshops

2 Degree Shift

Instead of adopting big, new resolutions, the kindest thing you can do for yourself is to give yourself space and realize it took some time to get here and it’s going to take some time on this 2-degree course to get where I want to get.

When we make a 180-degree shift, we can go off willpower for a little bit, but the two-degree shift will make sure we can sustain it.

“My hope is that people will give themselves just as much, if not more, compassion than they’ve been willing to give everybody else.”

Carlos Martinez, Onsite Workshops

Onsite Workshops Discount

Start the New Year off making the best investment in YOU!

Right now, you can save $1000 off Onsite Workshops’ January Living Centered Program (January 25-31, 2024). This offer is not valid with any other discounts and you must be clinically approved to attend this program.

For more information on the program, visit Experience Onsite.

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