No tag at the Y

by Sami

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First of all, I need to say again how much I appreciate having YMCA’s close by – I love having a neighborhood outlet where I can exercise, have someone watch my kids and meet new friends.

When you drop off your kids, they give you a brightly colored tag with a number to clip on your clothes. While the tag can get in my way while working out, I wear it with pride knowing that I’m a mom (and hoping that people will recognize it was kids that did this to my body, not my own neglect!!!)

However, this morning my husband was off, so I got to go to the Y by myself early while he stayed home with sleeping little ones. While I was initially delighted, I felt slightly confused when I looked at myself in the mirror, preparing for my morning hip-hop class, without any brightly colored tag staring back at me. Isn’t it funny how we let the little things define us?

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