Kroger Triple Coupons through 5/9/09

by Sami

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krogerJust when you thought the days of triple coupons for over after Harris Teeter ended, good news has arrived! Kroger has triple coupons through tomrrow!

Their policy is very similar to HT:
*All manufacturer’s coupons up to 99 cent face value will be triples
*Limit is 20 coupons, per customer, per day (not per transaction)

My personal advice is to check out with the Self Checkout if your store has one. This way, you can take your time and not only make sure everything rings up correctly, but also that your coupons triple properly. (Yesterday three of mine did not triple and I probably never would have noticed if i wasn’t doing it myself.)  

Here’s what I got for $1 today on my quick trip after the Y:
ht triples
All the mustard and rice were free and the sauce was 25 cents. Also not pictured is Huggies wipes I got for a quarter and hand soap that was 5o cents. They’re also having a Buy Two Get One Free sale on Speed Stick Deoderant, and if you can find two of the 75 cent coupons for these, you can actually get three of these for free! If I can find any more Free matchups, I’ll update the post.

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Janette Yingling May 9, 2009 - 12:47 am

I wonder if this applies to the Kroger family of stores? We have Fred Meyer here and they stock their “store brand” items, which are Kroger products.

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