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Pick Your Thing {Family Money Minute}


Pick Your Thing

March 10, 2015: Pick Your Thing

Sometimes savings money can be boring, but when it comes to rewarding yourself, you just have to remember one thing….

Sometimes saving money can be hard because it feels like all we are doing is depriving ourselves. It’s kind of like going on a diet, once you know you can’t have something, it’s all you want.

So I have a simple suggestion if you’re finding yourself in a savings right: pick your thing.

You heard me: pick your thing, anything. What is it that you really love? Is it going out to eat? Is it buying pens? I may be able to relate to the last one. Instead of going out for coffee and going to a movie and shopping for clothes, pick just one thing that you’re going to indulge on with your pocket cash this month. That way you’re still limiting spending in all the other areas, but you won’t feel so bad about doing it. Hey, you may even discover some of those other activities aren’t worth your money after all anyway!


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