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Time Magazine selected the Bark Phone as the safest phone for kids. In addition to being named the best phone for kids, Bark’s smartphone has also been named one of TIME’s Best Inventions of the Year!

Bark Phone Review Safest smartphone for kids

Bark Phone: The Safest Phone for Kids

I’ve partnered with Bark and asked Titania Jordan, author of “Parenting in a Tech World” and Bark Technologies’ Chief Parent Officer, to explain why caregivers need to be more careful when choosing their kids’ first smartphone and what we should be looking for.

When is the Right Time to Get Kids their First Smartphone?

If you’re wondering when is the right time to get a child their first smartphone, or your kids already have one and you’re concerned about all that’s bombarding them online, then you’re going to want to listen closely to this interview. This advice is needed now more than ever.

Why should parents be concerned about getting their kids a smartphone?

Titania first opened up about giving her son tech that wasn’t inherently safe for him because she didn’t have the right information at the time. But she’s not the only one.

The rate at which children experience dangerous people and content online is happening more often than anyone may think.

Many of us have fallen into the trap of giving our children a smartphone too early that didn’t have the right protections. So many parents are giving their kids hand-me-down iPhones or Androids that don’t have the proper parental controls built-in or enabled.

Tamper-Proof Phone Parental Controls

That’s where the Bark Phone excels, with tamper-proof parental controls that give parents the ability to get alerts when those dangers take place.

The Bark Phone: TIME’s Top 200 Best Inventions

Bark created something special with their phone, and the world is starting to take notice. Bark Phone has been named one of TIME’s Top 200 Best Inventions of 2023!

Bark has launched a safer smartphone for children that is super sleek and fun. Not only does it have all the style and functionality they want, but it also has everything parents want to keep their kids safe, with the ability to determine what features kids can use and when they can use them.

It’s incredible to make it on TIME’s top list within just a year of launching!

What are the main reasons a Bark Phone should be the one they get?

The Bark Phone doesn’t look like a kids’ phone. There are no logos or anything juvenile about it.

This is an important feature because kids are bullied for so many things; the last thing Bark wanted was for kids to be bullied for their smartphones.

No other phone will proactively alert you with a text, email, or even emergency phone call, if your child has encountered things like:

  • a predator
  • cyberbullying
  • eating disorder related content
  • explicit violent content
  • mental health concerns

There are other options out there to help manage screen time, approve contacts, and set filters – and Bark will do that as well – but in addition to everything you’d expect from a super sleek smartphone, Bark is going above and beyond to analyze the content and context of your child’s digital signal and then alert parents so they’re in the know.

What about gaming systems or other tech toys? Can these be monitored?

A lot of parents when they give their kids social media access, they realize iPhones are the easiest to monitor. The Bark Phone is the only smartphone that can monitor Snapchat. It’s incredibly unique and powerful; there’s nothing like it.

Why are the free built-in features on iPhones or other devices not good enough?

Bark Opens Up Conversations Between Kids and Parents

As a parent who has used Bark’s parental controls on my kids’ devices for years, I appreciate it for many reasons. Perhaps most of all, I appreciate that Bark opens up the ability for me to have conversations with my kids about their phone activities and relationships.

It never feels like spying because my kids knew the software was installed on their phones.

Think about it, you wouldn’t let your kids ride in a car without a carseat or seatbelt. Bark is like a seatbelt for the smartphone.

Titania Jordan, Bark’s Chief Parent Officer and Author of “Parenting in a Tech World”

Bark allowed me to have informed conversations because I also received emails about the latest slang kids are using or what certain emojis mean today.

The relationship you have with your child is the most important thing, tech aside. When you use the Bark Phone, it allows you to have those candid, sometimes uncomfortable, but very important conversations.

Save on Bark Parental Controls

Now you can save 20% off advanced content monitoring for all your kids’ devices, even if you don’t have a Bark phone.

Use Code SAMICONE20 at

Bark Phone Plans

Bark Phone is the only phone that comes with Bark technology built in. Bark Phone plans begin at $29/month and all plans include unlimited talk and text. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time.

Other exclusive features include:

  • undeletable texts
  • location tracking
  • remote phone lock
  • advanced content monitoring built-in
  • A Bark Premium subscription for the entire family
  • Free transfer of your kid’s current phone number to the Bark Phone

You’ll also receive free shipping and a USB-C charging cord.

Don’t wait any longer to order. Start experiencing the peace of mind that comes with owning a Bark phone today!

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