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Kids Easter Question

Yesterday in the car, Britton (my 6 year old) posed a question about Easter that only kids can.

He asked me, “Mommy, which holiday is the most special-est, Easter, Hanukkah or Christmas?”


I paused to look at my husband, like, “Really? We’re on the way to an Easter egg hunt…where does he come up with these things?”

He gave me a return glance that usually means, “Don’t ask me, he’s your kid,”.  SO the only thing we could come up with was, “What do you think, Britton?”

Before I continue the rest of the story, I’d love to hear what you all would have done in my shoes!

How would you have answered the same question from your child?

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  1. Well, we could not have Easter without Christmas! Hanukah is the festival of lights and solstice. Blended with jewish discipline, it is still very much based on Christianity. ….
    Sami, we will let you explain!! Love Ya!!!