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God Ate My To-Do List (Living Beyond Yourself Week 2)


God ate my to-do list today. This morning as I sat down to listen to Beth Moore teach session 2 of our “Living Beyond Yourself” study following our week titled “To Live By the Spirit”, I had a heavy heart. A big change is taking place in our lives today, that although I feel very strongly about (in a good …

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A Working Mom on the Go with a Hectic Schedule: How to Keep a Clear Head

As a working mom on the go, it’s tough to keep a clear head!  So when Mucinex® approached me about tips to keeping a clear head while balancing my hectic schedule, I happily accepted the opportunity. After all, I’m always getting asked how I do what I do. To be honest, I don’t think there’s a magic answer. I’m passionate. I’m driven. …

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The Long Road Home

We’ve started the long road home to Nashville… It’s hard to believe that just a week ago I received the call from my husband that his dad had passed away and hours later I piled our two kids into the mini van to make the 13 hour trek down to South Florida amidst squalls from Hurricane Isaac. It’s a blur. …

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Are you busy?

Are you busy? I’ve been told by a lot of people lately (including my husband) that I’m just too busy. Usually I shrug stuff like this off. It’s how I’ve always been. I don’t know any other way. I don’t sit still well. But after enough people that I care deeply about have said something, I’m beginning to wonder if …

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Healthy Recipes for Busy Moms: Talk of the Town Video March 2012

Talk of the Town Frugal Love Sami Cone

Watch the Talk of the Town video from today’s show: White Chicken Chili Crock-Pot healthy recipe for busy moms on the go: Today on Talk of the Town (March 20, 2012) I shared how busy moms can still cook healthy recipes even when they’re on the go! Busy moms often find themselves in a conundrum: how to find the time …

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Think About It

Our tagline for Intentional Moms (the ministry I work with) is Think About It. Not only is it a literal challenge to get people thinking about our name, but a bigger challenge for parents to think about what type of legacy they want their children to have and to be intentional about getting them there. Catherine Hickem wrote a very …

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