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Watch Church Online: Easter Services (Crosspoint & Christ Fellowship)

Watch Church Online Easter Services (Crosspoint & Christ Fellowship)

If you’re not sure about going to church this Easter, or simply cannot physically get to church, I would encourage you to watch church online this Easter and check out the following services from two of my favorite churches: Crosspoint (in Nashville, TN) and Christ Fellowship (Palm Beach Gardens, FL). Looking to watch church online anytime? I have a list …

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2014 Year End Donations: Our Favorite Ways to Give

year end donations 2014

It’s New Year’s Eve, which means this is the time for your 2014 Year End Donations…and I’m sharing our favorite ways to give in our family by introducing you to some of our favorite ministries and non-profit organizations that we hope you’ll also join us in supporting through year end donations today! 1. Operation 300 Operation 300 is a registered …

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Weekend Update in Pictures: October 12, 2014

Kids tshirt fabric markers

Me and the kids had a beautifully simple weekend where we got to stay home (for the most part) and do some things we’ve been wanting to do for a while, including baking, organizing and even some crafting. We made so many great memories and captured some special images, so I wanted to share them here with you. If you …

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Are You Tithing or Tipping?

are you tithing or tipping

Recently I was sitting in a local Nashville institution catching up on some work while my kids were at a birthday party. As I typed, a blank stage stared back at me. Obviously, in addition to an eatery, it was used as a live music venue during the evening hours. Though there were no performers at the time, the stools, microphones and …

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Want to Watch Church Online Anytime?


So many of you came to me to find out where you could watch church online for Easter services, I wanted to now give you a resource for those of you who want to watch church online anytime. Believe me, I understand just how intimidating it can be to walk into a new church, regardless of whether or not you’re …

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Identity: Who You Are, Not What You Do

For most of my life I’ve defined my identity based on what I did instead of who I was. Not a good idea. Not only is it exhausting, it’s literally debilitating. I firmly believe that this lifestyle led to the development of my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at the end of my junior year at Emory University…not to mention a series …

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Barefoot Sunday at Crosspoint Church

Last Sunday, hundreds of us left the Crosspoint Church Bellevue Campus shoeless in 32 degree weather because of something now known as “Barefoot Sunday”. Children’s new Christmas shoes were thrown into a box and traffic volunteers served in flip flops. Why, you ask? Because Pastor Pete Wilson challenged us to leave what we have for those who have nothing. You …

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Nashville Flood devastates Bellevue – How you can help

I usually think I’m one who’s pretty good with words; however what I saw today leaves me speechless. Though the Nashville Flood officially ended on Sunday, we’re still just starting to discover the extent of the damage. Many roads here in Bellevue remain impassable, but most are finally able to get back to their homes to begin trying to salvage …

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