2014 Year End Donations: Our Favorite Ways to Give

by Sami

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year end donations 2014

It’s New Year’s Eve, which means this is the time for your 2014 Year End Donations…and I’m sharing our favorite ways to give in our family by introducing you to some of our favorite ministries and non-profit organizations that we hope you’ll also join us in supporting through year end donations today!

1. Operation 300

Operation 300 is a registered 501(c)3 not for profit organization which hosts adventure camps for children who have lost their fathers as a result of military service and seeks to honor the families of the fallen. Before the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge took off, our friends Andy & Sue challenged us with an ice bucket challenge in honor of these kids, so it was a pleasure for us to participate.

Click to Donate to Operation 300

Watch Britton’s Ice Bucket Challenge video:

2. ALS

Of course, as our family participated in the Ice Bucket challenge mentioned above, we wanted to make a donation to ALS as well.Click to Donate to ALS

Watch my #IceBucketChallenge #DailyDash video:

3. Operation Christmas Child – The Greatest Journey

Most people don’t know that the ministry of Operation Christmas Child (a project of Samaritan’s Purse) doesn’t end with the shoebox. They continue to work in the worldwide communities they serve throughout the year, specifically with a youth discipleship program called The Greatest Journey.

That’s right, the shoebox is just the first step in transforming a life for eternity and just $6 a month helps disciple 12 children a year! This is a ministry near and dear to my heart as I’ve not only hand-delivered shoeboxes to children in Ecuador, but have seen The Greatest Journey in action and it not only impacts the kids that participate, but their families that bring them.

Our family is donating $600 to The Greatest Journey and it’s my prayer that 100 of you would step up and donate just $6 in this effort…won’t you join us?Click to donate to The Greatest Journey

Watch my Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Journey video:

4. CrossPoint Church

CrossPoint is our home church here in Nashville and while we bounce back and forth between the Bellevue, Nashville and Internet campuses, we believe wholeheartedly in their mission that Anyone is welcome, Nobody’s perfect and Anything is possible.This year, we’re donating specifically to their “Dream Big” campaign that’s helping to open a Dream Center in Bellevue and a Teen Dream Center in Nashville (among other things, but that’s what we’re most excited about).

Click to donate to CrossPoint Church

Watch Barefoot Sunday at CrossPoint from several years ago:

5. Cru

Formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ and a division of FamilyLife, we are already monthly supporters of good friends on staff with Cru.

I wasn’t sure how to put into just a few words all the things Cru does, so I took it straight from their website:
Cru is supported by people like you who want to help the Body of Christ grow through evangelism and discipleship. Your gifts help:
*Win people to faith in Jesus Christ
*Build them in their faith
*Send them to win and build others.
*Provide humanitarian aid in Jesus’ name to relieve suffering.

Click to donate to Cru

6. Place of Hope

Place of Hope is a unique faith-based, state-licensed child welfare organization providing family-style foster care (emergency and long-term); family outreach and intervention; maternity care; safety for victims of domestic minor sex trafficking; transitional housing and support services; adoption and foster care recruitment and support; hope and healing opportunities for children and families who have been traumatized by abuse and neglect throughout our region.

Place of Hope developed out of a heart-cry from our FL pastor’s wife, Ms. Donna, and I was lucky enough to serve as a volunteer there from the development of the first Place of Hope cottage. Even though we no longer live in Florida, we still watch Christ Fellowship online regularly and support their continued mission to provide for children who need our help.

Click to donate to Place of Hope

7. Power to Grow

Power to Grow is the ministry of my spiritual mama, Jackie Kendall, without whom (and her husband Ken), our marriage would be in a very different place…not to mention they share our love of Disney and dance parties!

Today also happens to be her 64th birthday (yes, she’s a New Year’s Eve baby along with my dad!), so in honor of that milestone, we’re donating $64 to her ministry.

Click to donate to Power to Grow

What organizations are you making year end donations to? I’d love to hear about more good being done in the world!

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