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Want to Watch Church Online Anytime?


So many of you came to me to find out where you could watch church online for Easter services, I wanted to now give you a resource for those of you who want to watch church online anytime.

Believe me, I understand just how intimidating it can be to walk into a new church, regardless of whether or not you’re already a Christian! Not only are you wondering about what they believe, but as human beings, it’s also hard not to think about how and where you’ll fit in as a newbie.

That’s just one reason I love watching church online: it gives you a chance to hear how a church worships and experience the teaching style in the comfort of your own home.

Of course, I love being able to watch church online when it’s convenient to me, whether it’s because I missed a weekend service or I just need an extra dose of encouragement and inspiration.

I also think it’s valuable not to live in a bubble. Even if you love your church, it’s important not to begin believing that your congregation’s way is the ONLY way to worship. There are a TON of amazing Bible teachers out there and the internet has made it possible for us to learn from all of them.

Now don’t get me wrong – online church isn’t just a chance for you to interview churches for the sake of saying ‘What’s in it for me?”. Ultimately, you will only get out of worship what you put into it. So even though I find tremendous value in being able to watch different church services online, it’s vital that you make sure to get plugged in to a church where you can continue to grow, learn, share, and serve.

Online Church Services to Watch:

Crosspoint Church Online Services

Twitter: @crosspoint_tv

Christ Fellowship Church Online Services

Twitter:@CFImpact and @ChurchOnline

LifeChurch Online Services

Twitter: @lifechurchtv

Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale Online Services

Twitter: @CalvaryFTL

North Point Community Church Online Services

Twitter: @NorthPointOrg

Willow Creek Community Church Online Services

Twitter: @WillowCreekCC

Saddleback Church Online Services

Twitter: @Saddleback

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If you belong to a great church that also has online services, please share it below!