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4 Character Traits of Jesus for Kids

4 character traits of jesus for kids

We are called to be more like Christ. Right? I mean, I know we all know that as Christians, but sometimes that is easier said than done! We are filled with the Holy Spirit, so the same characteristics that Jesus embodies live within us as well. But sometimes we have trouble seeing those traits in ourselves on a daily basis, …

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“Can I Call You Jessi?”


As I stood and looked at myself in the mirror this evening, sniffly, puffy and red-eyed from allergy-driven sneezing all day, I asked Jesus an equally strange, yet important question… “Can I call you Jessi?” He said sure. Before brushing my teeth, I’d apologized for something trivial to him in my head. To which He quickly responded, “That’s OK.” Since …

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The Power of One


I was reading My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers this morning and was instantly reminded of the Power of One: It took just one person to separate us from God through sin, yet it also took just one person to redeem us as well! Though Eve ate the forbidden fruit, forever changing the course of history, likewise Jesus …

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Celebrity Jesus?

Celebrity Jesus? Those two words are not likely partners. But after I attended the Keith Urban concert and saw all the hands reaching up the stage fighting just to touch a piece of him, I couldn’t help but draw the parallel between that behavior and the way the woman fought just to touch Jesus’ cloak in the crowd. What are …

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Favorite Kids Easter Sayings

I took most of Easter weekend off from being on the computer to just spend some focused time with my family (it’s amazing what unplugging can do!). We had a fabulous time at all the Easter activities around town on Saturday and then focused on the true reason for our Salvation on Sunday. I promise to have some pictures loaded …

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Childhood Evangelists

As the kids were eating lunch today, I was going over Kariss’ picture from church and what she learned: that Jesus helps us follow him. One of the “ask me” questions was, “Who can you tell about Jesus?” and immediately Britton replied, “Santa Claus”, then followed with, “Mumsy, Nani” (his grandmas), to which Kariss replied, “No, they already know Jesus.” …

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