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Favorite Kids Easter Sayings

I took most of Easter weekend off from being on the computer to just spend some focused time with my family (it’s amazing what unplugging can do!). We had a fabulous time at all the Easter activities around town on Saturday and then focused on the true reason for our Salvation on Sunday.

I promise to have some pictures loaded soon, but in the meantime, I HAD to share some of my kids’ quotes this weekend that made me both chuckle and reflect all at the same time:

When asked, “What’s your favorite thing about Easter:
B: “That we get to live with Jesus and He’s all around”
K: “That Jesus saved us”

When asked, “Why do we celebrate Easter” while making Resurrection Buns yesterday (I’ll share the video later):
B: “Because Jesus died and ‘roasted’ from the dead”

I’m glad there was no roasting around our house this weekend!

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  1. TOO funny! Glad you enjoyed some time away from the computer – I did as well and we had a great time – though I am thoroughly exhausted.