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7 Ways to Save over $100 a Month

I’m sharing 7 ways to save over $100 a month on Talk of the Town, but in case any of you miss it live on TV, I wanted to share these tips with you in detail here. The truth is, these money-saving tips will likely save you OVER $100 a month and can be used by anyone anywhere, not just …

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Top 7 Money Saving Moving Tips

top 7 money saving moving tips

Moving costs money. But moving expenses don’t have to overtake your budget if you follow my top 7 money saving moving tips. What you may be surprised to find is that many of these tips have to do with saving you TIME – and as we all know, time is money! After a recent move, I discovered a lot of …

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5 Back to School Budget Tips: Maximize your Money!

5 Back to School Budget Tips

It seems like back to school lists keep getting bigger and bigger these days, even though our back to school budgets are getting smaller and smaller. But have no fear! I’m here to help you maximize your money for back to school time. And even those of you who don’t have kids (or have moved beyond the back to school …

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Keep the Change

Very few of us carry cash anymore, but for those of you that do you, what do you do with the change? I know, change eludes us. We never have it when we need it, yet always find it in the most random places… The car floorboard. Under the couch cushions. And of course, clacking around in the dryer. I …

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Reasons to Save 10K Giveaway: National Coupon Month

national coupon month

Did you know September is National Coupon Month? Well if you didn’t before, you better pay attention because SAVINGS.COM and VALPAK® are kicking off National Coupon Month with their 10,000 reasons to save campaign celebrating the long-term impact of couponing. The majority of Americans dramatically underestimate the impact of coupons – in fact, not one respondent to the 2013 Valpak …

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Saving Money on Summer Grilling

money saving summer grilling tips

So many people are saving money by summer grilling by following just a few simple tips, so I wanted to share them with you! You’ll be hearing me share my money-saving summer grilling tips on 94FM the Fish radio as well as Talk of the Town TV this week, but I know it can be difficult to keep up with …

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Ebates Spring Fashion Week 2013 = Double Cash Back!


Did you know that Ebates’ Spring Fashion Week is going on right now through March 26, 2013? More importantly do you know what that means??? Double cash back at some of your FAVORITE stores for Spring Fashion, plus coupons and Free Shipping offers. While I wouldn’t consider SamiCone.com a ‘fashion’ blog, a lot of you ask about where I get …

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Moe’s Catering: 4 Time & Money Saving Tips!

Although we moved into our house almost 6 months ago, it fell right in between the end of school and finding out about my father-in-law’s brain tumor. Needless to say, we were not in the party mood at the time. Fast forward to this month, and we realized we were finally ready to welcome people in to see our new …

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Holiday Savings with ING Direct Banking

This Black Friday, instead of spending money, why not invest in some holiday savings with a couple special bonuses from ING Direct. We’ve been banking with ING Direct for years, and have used them for everything from mortgage refinancing to online savings accounts. This weekend, check out these 2 special offers that ING Direct is offering for opening an account: …

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Watch Me on Fox TN Mornings October 26, 2012


You can watch me LIVE on Fox TN Mornings this Thursday, October 26, 2012 in the 8am hour. I’ll be sharing my top Frugal Fall Fashion tips on Fox 17 TN Mornings, but I’d also love to here how you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall without breaking the bank. If you miss any of the fabulous fall fashion …

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