7 Ways to Save over $100 a Month

by Sami

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I’m sharing 7 ways to save over $100 a month on Talk of the Town, but in case any of you miss it live on TV, I wanted to share these tips with you in detail here.

The truth is, these money-saving tips will likely save you OVER $100 a month and can be used by anyone anywhere, not just here in Nashville.

Some of you may be thinking, “I don’t know how much it will save me because I don’t know how much I’m spending each month”. If that’s true for you, I’d challenge you to implement these tips this month and track how much you save, then you can start formulating a monthly budget with those financial figures in mind.

If all 7 ways to save overwhelms you, then just start with one category (I’d suggest food or entertainment as they can net the biggest savings right away). Another easy way to save is simply to call all your service providers and ask if you’re on the absolute best plan they’re offering currently. You’d be surprised – one phone call alone could save you $50-$100 a month!

Whatever you do, don’t sit idly by. Take your finances into your own hands and put your money to work for you!

7 Ways to Save over $100 a Month

1. Phone

When it comes to your cell phone, revisit rates regularly; pay attention to those TV commercials and pit companies against each other (trust me, they don’t want to lose you).

Also, ask if they have employer discounts. Both my husband and I have the opportunity to save almost 20% off our monthly bill because of our employers (even part time employees can take advantage of this!).

Get rid of your home phone line and switch to free online services like Google Voice or Skype (consider getting a second hand device that works only on WiFi so you don’t have to pay a monthly bill).

If you want a home phone, consider bundling Phone with TV & Cable Service, just pay attention to contracts and introductory rates.

2. TV/Cable

Get rid of cable completely with a service like Mohu. Or make sure to bundle Cable and Internet. Get rid of extras like DVR.

Consider purchasing an Apple TV or Amazon Fire and relying on services like Hulu or Netflix.

3. Electricity

Turn down the heat on your water heater.

Keep a consistent rate on your thermostat and better yet, switch to an electronic thermostat: it’s more consistent and you’ll pay yourself back in the savings quickly.

Switch to energy efficient light bulbs and follow grandma’s advice – turn off the lights once you leave a room!

Consider solar powered lights for outside

4. Water

In addition to turning down the heat, consider installing low flow shower heads. Of course, showering less often doesn’t hurt either.

Make sure when you do use appliances that use water – like a dishwasher or washing machine – you’re doing so with a FULL load. This will help maximize energy and use less water.

5. Online Shopping

Shopping online instead of in the store typically results in less of those impulse buys while waiting at the cashier. There is also a higher chance to earn cash back when shopping online through sites like Ebates and even find free shipping and additional discounts through Savings.com.

6. Food: Groceries & Eating Out

Food is one of the biggest drains on our budget. Try this for one month:
Groceries: Commit to a certain budget each week (say $100) and designate half of the budget to necessities and the other half to only buying what’s on sale at “stock up” prices”

FREE printable grocery coupons to help you save even more at the store!

Eating Out: Even when trying to save money, it’s fun to eat out once a week, just make sure you’re doing so at lunch instead of dinner – you’ll save nearly half off your check for about the same amount of food. If you can’t make it a lunch date, sign up for rewards/emails from your favorite restaurant or only eat out at restaurants you can find a coupon for on the web.

7. Entertainment

This is what really kills your budget. It’s easy for a family of four to drop $100 at the movies on a Friday night. Even matinee’s are pricey these days. Rent a movie at Redbox for under $2 and pop popcorn at home this month. Better yet, borrow a movie from the library (just make sure to return it on time to avoid hefty fees).

And if there’s a concert or sporting event you’re dying to see? Volunteer as an usher! Sure, you’ll have to stand the whole time, but chances are you would be anyway once the main act takes the stage 😉


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