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Teaching Kids Psalm 23 – Scripture Memorization


Teaching kids Psalm 23: teaching kids how to memorize Psalm 23 through video, song & hand motions. In the scripture memorization videos below, I’m teaching my kids Psalm 23. Psalm 23. It’s six verses and typically I recommend teaching your kids one verse a week, but you can teach this to your kids in a month if you work on …

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Free Seeds Family Worship Song Download: God is Love


The new¬†Seeds Family Worship, “Character of God” is finally here! Not only can you download “God is Love” from me, but follow the rest of the blog tour to download the entire album! Powered by Like to Download (If the above link isn’t working, try downloading the free song here) Find a list of all the participating blogs and bloggers …

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Plumb on new Seeds Family Worship Album: Seeds of Character

I’m so proud to announce that the fabulous team at Seeds Family Worship has released their newest album, “Seeds of Character“…volume 6 in their CD series. What’s even more exciting is that one of my favorite friends, Tiffany Lee (a.k.a. Plumb), co-wrote and sang one of the songs on the album! The song, “The Wages & The Gift”, features verses …

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Kids Scripture Memory Song: Psalm 1:4-6

For those of you who have been patiently awaiting the finale of Psalm 1, here are verses 4-6: I lost a lot of previously recorded videos when my laptop crashed, so that’s why you haven’t seen any in awhile. I’m working on taping & creating new ones, so if you have any you’d like to see, just leave a comment …

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The Hurried Path

I just had the priviledge of editing the June Newsletter for Intentional Moms and the last paragraph was so practical and poignant that I wanted to share it with you: Wisdom says we prepare for tomorrow. Scripture says to pay attention to today since it is all we have been given and granted. We can actually do both, but we …

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Kid Tip – Scripture Memorization

I realize this is a site devoted to saving money, but for those of you interested (since I know there are a lot of moms who visit!), I just wrote a new post on my family blog, The Cone Home, about how I memorize scripture and how I help my kids to learn Bible verses. Just thought I’d share it …

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Scripture Memorization

For years, people have asked me how I memorize scripture. It is only to the testimony of two of my precious mentors (Ms. Jane & MaryBeth) that I ever began to understand the importance of learning God’s Word in this way. While it’s still important to memorize individual verses, especially those that bring great encouragement to you, learning the Bible …

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