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Are You Tithing or Tipping?

are you tithing or tipping

Recently I was sitting in a local Nashville institution catching up on some work while my kids were at a birthday party. As I typed, a blank stage stared back at me. Obviously, in addition to an eatery, it was used as a live music venue during the evening hours. Though there were no performers at the time, the stools, microphones and …

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The #1 Thing I Learned as a Football Mom

football mom

I promise, I really intend to tell you the number one thing I learned as a football mom (this isn’t a stalling technique), but I do feel morally obligated to confess one very important fact to you: I have only been a football mom for about an hour. It’s true. My eight-year-old son just started playing flag football through the …

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Best Blogging Tips {from #SaveUp14 Bloggers}

best blogging tips from saveup14 bloggers and deal pros for savings.com

This past weekend I was privileged to attend SaveUp14 put on by Savings.com. As one of their DealPros, one of the highlights for me (other than line-dancing and rooming with Amy) was the round-table with other attendees. It’s rare to get that many bloggers in one room with that amount of collective experience, so you can only imagine the breadth …

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Top 3 Ways to Save on Spring Break Travel


For many of us Spring Break is really upon us, so whether you’re looking to save on Spring Break trips you’ve already booked, or you simply need some tips to make a last minute getaway possible, I’ve got the details on my top ways to save on spring break travel that I shared recently on Fox 17 TN Mornings! 1. …

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Top Grocery Savings Tips: Talk of the Town September 24, 2012


If you heard me share my top 3 Grocery Savings tips on Talk of the Town today (September 24, 2012), but didn’t catch all the details…or just want to learn more…here you go! Watch the video from today’s Grocery Savings segment: Page Title – No value September is National Coupon Month, and there is a nationwide movement spreading across the …

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How to help out when someone dies

Have you ever wondered how to help out when someone dies? When someone dies, whether it’s a close relative or faraway friend, everyone wants to know how to help out in practical ways. Of course flowers and cards are nice, but as we’ve realized in this past week since my father-in-law passed away, there are certain things you simply don’t …

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Savings Tip: Count Bagged Produce


I have a new savings tip for you today: count bagged produce. Whenever you find produce pre-bagged and sold by weight, chances are you’re going to find some discrepancy in quantity inside of that bag. This is typically true of items like apples, lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit and potatoes. What you’ll want to do is count how many are in …

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Laundry Savings

One way to really cut back on your monthly budget is to save money on something you do all the time…like laundry! Laundry savings can happen in a variety of ways, but here are just a few I want you to think about: * I’ve considered making my own laundry detergent, but even though I had the raw materials, I …

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What parents should do before taking their kids to college

Are you getting ready to take your kids to college? Then listen up, here’s what parents should do before the big drop off! While it’s true most parents pay for college, they should be involved on a deeper level. Don’t expect to impart great wisdom to your teenager as you’re driving up together – they have too many other things …

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