How to Simplify Your Morning Routine Before School

by Sami

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A great morning starts the night before. 

Even Kelsey Barnard Clark talks about this in her “KBC Commandments” for a clean, calm home: she says to tuck your house in before you go to bed. In other words, make yourself a clean slate to wake up to by clearing off the counters, putting all dishes in the dishwasher, picking up toys, or folding laundry.

What you do the night before sets the tone for a peaceful morning. These tips will help with your school morning routine and make your entire day easier.

How to Simplify Your Morning Routine Before School & Work

Have kids make their lunches

If possible, designate an area in your fridge and pantry for kids’ lunch and snack items, that way they know where to go to get what they need for lunches and breakfast. Have them put non-perishables straight into their lunchboxes and refrigerated items in the same spot each day. 

Make your lunch while you’re at it

I’ve learned that I’ll skip lunch if it’s not easy to grab, so while the kids are getting their lunches ready, pull together items for yours. Or make something simple like a mason jar salad.

Prep Breakfast the Night Before Too

Not only can you pull out cups, plates & glasses the night before for breakfast, you can also prep things like chia seed pudding or muffin tin egg frittatas.

Here are some of my favorite easy breakfast ideas:

Lay Out Clothes

Even if your kids wear a uniform to school (or you wear one to work), there’s something satisfying about having those set-out and ready to go in the morning.

If you do have to make wardrobe decisions, it’s always easier the night before instead of during the morning rush.

Get Good Sleep: Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

It goes without saying that a great day starts with a good night’s sleep. Sleep experts at Vanderbilt University recommend not eating anything 3 hours before bed and to stop using all electronic devices at least 1 hour before bed.

While you’re at it, keep those electronic devices and their blue rays away from your bed at night. If you do need to be on a screen, consider using blue light blocking glasses.

Clarify Expectations on a Calendar

Chaos erupts when expectations and appointments are not clear. Whether you have kids or it’s just two of you in the house, I still recommend a paper calendar in a central location everyone has access to.

We have both a monthly calendar for big picture events, as well as a weekly (color-coded) calendar for specific appointments. Have the kids help with that as well. 

Work backward from the time you need to leave the house

Figure out everything you need/want to get done in the morning, how long each will take and then subtract that from the time you need to leave the house. That will tell you what time you need to wake up in the morning.

Practice Gratitude

Whether it’s a prayer before you leave the house or some quick affirmations in the car, don’t forget to be intentional about setting the tone for the day ahead.

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