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Vote for Traveling with Uncommon Kids

vote for traveling with uncommon kids

We’d all like to think we’re uncommon, but what exactly does that mean? Let’s face it, most of us have seen the tantrums and breakdowns while on vacation – if not in our own kids than in other families. And chances are it can be witnessed multiple times at expensive amusement parks you’ve saved months just to be able to …

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Uncommon Mother’s Day Sentiments #PutYourHeartToPaper

  Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and I can’t delay in finding a card because I’m actually going to see my mom in person this year! But if you’re anything like me, there are so many more women in our lives who have impacted us in addition to our own moms. In fact, I’m writing about it in my upcoming …

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Help Choose My Book’s Subtitle… #UncommonKids

uncommon kids subtitle vote

I can’t believe it’s finally happening – MY FIRST BOOK! What’s only lived in my mind for the past two years is finally going to print, but first I need YOUR help. I’m excited to announce the title of my very first project (drum roll please)… Raising Uncommon Kids What started out of a heart-cry I felt as a mother …

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