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Take-Out to Dine-Out {Family Money Minute}


Take-Out to Dine-Out

March 20, 2015: Take-Out to Dine-Out

Today I have a tip for treating your entire team to dinner!

Recently I was talking to my friend Nate who told me about how he wanted to treat the team he coached to dinner, but didn’t have a lot of money to do it. Do you know what he said?

He found a great way to not only save on time, but also on tips.

What he did was call ahead and order take-out. That way when the team was starving at the end of their game, their food was ready for them.

They grabbed the food, went to the food court at the neighboring mall and sat all together without having to wait for a table or without having to pay extra in tips. While I definitely appreciate all our servers out there, this was a great way for Nate to be able to help out his team AND his budget!


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