Taking things day by day

by Sami

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Stephen’s funeral last Friday was a beautiful tribute to His spirit although it was the “end” to a very long and difficult week. Even as I write the words, they seem to trivialize our experience, which in no means can compare to what Aunt Diane, Uncle Kenny and Jimmy are continuing to go through. We were supposed to go to Disney the day before the funeral, so we obviously postponed the trip and left the day after instead.

Unfortunately, Kariss woke up at 2am that morning throwing up and complained of stomach pain our entire drive up to Orlando. Her pediatrician called in some medicine and though there were some very fun moments, what we had hoped would be a relaxing escape proved to still be a bit more than we were ready to handle in our current emotional and physical state. Still, we enjoyed the perks of free meals during our stay and meeting the princesses with no wait! We even got to meet up with some friends from Hobe Sound & CF, Andy & Sue Mydock and their four boys, so it was fun to have friends with us on Sunday.img_2571web.jpgFamily at Chef Mickey’simg_2650web.jpgFamily match MGMSleeping Beautyimg_2330web.jpgEpcot with the MydocksBritton’s Haircut

Ricky’s had to work every day since we’ve been back and then we had Stephen’s graveside service on Saturday morning, so there still hasn’t been much downtime. We have been trying to get the kids back on schedule, including very little tv and a lot of love! They have one more week of swim lessons (if the rain will stay away!) and we’re looking forward to things cooling down soon (hopefully!).

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