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Tax Day Freebies {Family Money Minute}

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Tax Day Freebies


April 15, 2015: Tax Day Freebies

Want to know one reason I LOVE tax day? I’m about to tell you, so stay tuned!

Most people dread tax day, but I love it for two reasons:

First of all, it means I can finally relax and stop pouring through receipts from the past year. But more than that, I love ALL the tax day freebies you can find today!

Restaurants are the primary way you’re going to save on tax day. You can get everything from free coffee and donuts to a large variety of special pricing with a “15” in it.

But movie theaters, retailers and even resorts are jumping on the tax day discount bandwagon, so wherever you decide to go today, make sure to ask before you pay if they have a way for you to save some additional dollars!

More information about all the available tax day freebies, including a list of participating restaurants and retailers is available at FamilyMoneyMinute.com.


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