The Blessing of Letting Go Sermon Notes

by Sami

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Described an entrepreneur who thought he wasn’t grateful enough. It wasn’t that he was not grateful, it’s that he realized, “Yes, I’m blessed, but…”

Pastor Steven Quotes

These are some of the standout quotes from Pastor Steven in this message:

I’m going to post my blessings, but I’m going to cover my ‘but’.

The presence of blessings does not mean the absence of pressure.

The load that I carry doesn’t mean I don’t love God.

When I’m fighting things I can see, I need to fight with things I can see. But what do I do when the fight is happening at night, in a place in me I can’t tell you about? The source determines the strategy.

When I give God praise, it takes off pressure.

We live in a time where it’s easy to confuse Christianity with discipline.

The real question is how to have a real commitment to Christ without controlling his will in my life…how to be serious about my relationship to God while staying surrendered to the God I’m in a relationship with. Commitment becomes control (you can’t follow Christ and have control).

There is a blessing that comes from holding on and persevering (tenacity).

Sometimes letting go feels like death, but it’s really a blessing.

Genesis 32 Verses

Genesis 32 verses called out:

  • Gen 32:12, “But you have said, I will make your descendants prosper…”
  • Gen 32:26, “I will not let you go unless you bless me…”

It’s amazing that Jacob can be so blessed, but on the same prayer, he’s reminding God he has a brother named Esau who’s about to kill him.

The Blessing of Letting Go Sermon from Elevation Church

Pastor Steven Furtick preached on “The Blessing of Letting Go” from Genesis 32. He preached this message from Elevation Church’s Ballantyne Campus on October 29, 2023.

Pastor Furtick asked everyone to turn to their neighbor and say, ‘Yes, I’m blessed!”

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