The Daily Dash: December 1, 2017 {New Family Advent Devotion} #Advent

by brenna

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It’s day 1 of the final month of 2017; are you prepared…

The Daily Dash: December 1, 2017 {New Family Advent Devotion} #Advent

* GOP struggles to pass tax reform
* White House has plan to force Rex Tillerson out
* Michael Flynn admits to being asked by candidate trump to contact Russia
*Tiger Woods played first tournament in 10 months
* Carol Burnett celebrates 50th anniversary of her TV show

The kingdom of God does not come with observation ~ Oswald Chambers

There was some good and bad in my life yesterday (though I’m sure this could be said for every day of each of our lives!). My car died in car line and, interestingly enough, not one parent stopped to offer to help. I’d like to say I would have had the roles been reversed, but honestly, I don’t know. I just know it made me feel sad and alone.

On a brighter note, I attended a holiday market/get together at someone’s home last night and it was so low key and lovely. It renewed my spirits and it was a joy to support so many small business owners.

Speaking of supporting friends, I saw a picture by my friend Jess on Instagram this morning that made me stop & comment. She displayed these advent cards on her bannister, and I absolutely had to know where she got them! Turns out, she created them and even launched a new Family Advent Podcast to go along with it today!

You can learn more about the Advent story cards and how they can help you with a meaningful countdown to Christmas here: Way to go, Jess!

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The Daily Dash: December 1, 2017 {New Family Advent Devotion} #Advent

Hope you make it a great day!

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