The Daily Dash: July 28, 2017 {She Made It!}

by Sami

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My daughter reached a milestone last night…

The Daily Dash: July 28, 2017 {She Made It!!!}

* New healthcare bill failed
* Jeff Bezos now richest man in America
* Fair ride breaks down in Ohio, killing an 18-year-old that just enrolled with the Marines last week
* New White House Communications Director releases profanity-riddled tirade
* Body cams reveal what happened in the moments after Venus Williams’ car accident

Jesus did not come only to teach-He came to make me what He teaches I should be ~ Oswald Chambers

I feel like this week and next are filled with doctors, dentists, hospitals and specialists. Is it because the kids are going back to school in less than 2 weeks? Perhaps. I also think it’s just because we’re finally getting things checked out that we’ve been waiting on for awhile, like that MRI for my wrist and a speech therapist for Britton’s lisp (which I’ve never noticed until he pointed it out to me – my boy’s growing up!).

Today is in fact the first day we haven’t had a guest in our home for over a week, so maybe that’s why things feel weird too. But I do have some good news to share: my daughter made her junior high volleyball team! Her dad and I pretty much forced her to try out in the spring. It was her first experience with volleyball (or a school sports team), so she did so kicking and screaming.

They didn’t choose the team in the spring, but rather invited her back to final cuts this week. She’s been working hard all summer to learn the sport and hone her skills…and it all paid off. Needless to say, this was a big victory for all of us.

Another exciting announcement is that my site assistant, Brenna, is getting married tomorrow! Brenna is the steady and silent voice that keeps my blog running behind the scenes and I wouldn’t be where I am without her help and support over the years. Congratulations Brenna – we can’t wait to celebrate with you tomorrow!

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