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The Daily Dash: July 31, 2017 {Things Aren’t Always What They Seem}

We’ve received a lot of interesting news already this morning…

The Daily Dash: July 31, 2017 {Things Aren’t Always What They Seem}

* New White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, sworn in
* U.S. flies bombers close to N. Korea
* Widespread power outage on North Carolina’s Outer Banks
* Sam Shepard has died at 73

The characteristic of a disciple is not that he DOES good things, but that he IS good in his motives ~ Oswald Chambers

A lot has happened since Friday in the Cone Home: we had our kids’ school orientation, they each had time with friends, my husband and I went to a wedding and our whole family accepted an impromptu invitation to go on the lake on Sunday.

For my birthday, I kept saying I wanted to do something “death-defying, like jump off a bridge”. Well, that never happened, but yesterday I got to jump off a rock formation into a lake, so I’m going to count that!

To be honest, all of us had things we ‘needed’ to do yesterday, but felt called to say “YES” to this unexpected blessing. Not only did it do our souls good, it allowed us to connect with friends & other kids from church at a deeper level.

This morning we’ve already been to the dentist where one kids had 0 cavities and the other had 6, and it’s the exact opposite of what I would have expected! I also got the results from my wrist MRI and it’s Synovitis, which is essentially inflammation, which means I can start working it out since it’s not a tear; ultimately, it’s very good news (though I wish the pain would go away).

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well!

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The Daily Dash: July 31, 2017 {Things Aren’t Always What They Seem}

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