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The Daily Dash: June 22, 2017 {#BlogHer17 Begins & @WaldorfOrlando Spa}

I’m waking up in Orlando & found a frugal way to pamper myself today…

The Daily Dash: June 22, 2017 {#BlogHer17 Begins & @WaldorfOrlando Spa}

* Tropical Storm Cindy slams Louisiana
* Prince Phillip out of the hospital & Prince Harry says no royal wants to be king or queen
* Republicans releasing draft of new healthcare bill today

The most profound thing in a person is his will, not sin ~ Oswald Chambers

If you follow me on social media, then you probably saw a lot of me yesterday, including the Facebook life yesterday afternoon when I ended up spending more time doing what I thought I was supposed to do at a blog conference instead of just focusing on what needed to be done.

I also struggled with going out and doing anything or spending money on myself here in Orlando yesterday. Ultimately, I stayed in my hotel, relaxed and caught up on some work.

Speaking of relaxing, some of you suggested I get a manicure, pedicure, or massage. As you can imagine, that can be quite expensive, especially since the spa on the grounds is the Waldorf Astoria Orlando spa. But I did my research and found that I could get a day pass to enjoy their steam room, sauna, tea room and pool for just $20… and that includes all day access!

As it turns out, I chipped my toenail yesterday, so I instead opted for a simple pedicure with a polish change which will cost me not much more than that, & that will also allow me access to the spa for the entire day. Considering conference sessions don’t start until this afternoon, I think I’ll be pretty set most of the day 🙂

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The Daily Dash: June 22, 2017 {#BlogHer17 Begins & @WaldorfOrlando Spa}

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