The Daily Dash: September 11, 2018 {Permission to Hustle Retreat – Day 2}

by brenna

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It’s a day of reflection personally & professionally…

The Daily Dash: September 11, 2018 {Permission to Hustle Retreat – Day 2}

* 17th anniversary of 9/11
* Evacuation orders for much of Southeast coast
* Indiction likely to couple that “helped” homeless man
* National Day of Service & Remembrance

It is the work that God does through us that counts, not what we do for Him ~ Oswald Chambers

It’s Day 2 of the Permission to Hustle Retreat with Carnival and I’ve already met so many new people in my industry and learned so much, from both the sessions and side conversations. I love being a part of a community of women who are genuinely interested to helping the industry grow for the better and are willing to be transparent to lift each other up. Using a ship analogy, when we all pour into the water, everyone gets lifted!

One thing that blew me away about the Carnival Paradise last night was dinner. I’m used to cruises giving me 4-5 appetizer, dinner and dessert options. I wish you could have seen the menu last night: it was three pages and it changes EVERY night! There were selections from all sections of the world, plus options for everyone from vegetarians to gluten-free diets. I literally haven’t eaten yet today because I’m still so full from last night! (I had fresh spring rolls, brisket and molten chocolate cake).

I would also be remiss not to reflect on the date today. 17 years ago, so many people lost their lives and not a moment goes by that I’m not cognizant of the families that were forever changed as a result. Sometimes it seems so overwhelming to think about how we can change the world; instead, if we focus on how we can impact our communities around us, pretty soon the world will change as a result.

On today of all days, I pray that we are grateful for those who have sacrificed for our country and continue to sacrifice.

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The Daily Dash: September 11, 2018 {Permission to Hustle Retreat - Day 2} #PTHCarnival

Hope you make it a great day!

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