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The Death of an Era

No, I’m not talking about Ted Kennedy’s passing.

In fact, this is much more relevant to my life – my favorite hoodie tracksuit has officially bit the dust 🙁

Yes, I’m well aware Stacy & Clinton (of “What Not to Wear”) immediately toss any said item they encounter, but to me, it still epitomizes one of the quintessential wardrobe pieces.

It works equally well in the grocery store as on an airplane and pretty much anywhere in between. It’s coordinated and comfortable. Versatile in a variety of climates. And hey, it’s pretty much a socially acceptable way of wearing your pajamas in public…what’s not to like?!

Well, my dusty pink uniform that’s seen me through dating diasaters, jaunts across country, pre-wedding craziness, two pregnancies, multiple moves and so much more officially bit the dust today. As I reached for it because of this unseasonably cool Nashville summer (yes, I will continue to gloat because it’s so darn wonderful!), I noticed the zipper irreparably pulling apart. Yes, I know…tragic beyond words…

“So what did you do?” – I know you’re all dying to know…I’m wearing it one last time as I type this now…a sort of swan song if you will. However, I’ll be setting up a memorial fund at TJ Maxx’s across the country to raise money for a replacement…

Ok, not really, but seriously, I’m devastated that I’m approaching my first true fall season in years without this wardrobe stable and reliable standby.

Condolences will be accepted in form of comments below; I know with the help of my friends, I’ll somehow pull through 🙂