Tim Timmons Interview: Daily Rhythms of Faith

by Sami

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Join me as I interview Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Tim Timmons. We discuss his incredible story and how he encourages others to put Jesus into practice in the regular rhythms of our days.

2024-05 Tim Timmons blog interview

How Tim Timmons Approaches Daily Life with Jesus

Tim Timmons is no stranger to pain and yet he has a unique way of approaching daily life that we all can benefit from. Watch our interview that originally appeared on the May 2024 episode of The Sami Cone Show.

This overarching concept of walking WITH Jesus permeates not only Timmons’ music, but also his daily life—a unique viewpoint shaped by an incurable cancer diagnosis he received twenty years ago when he was given five years to live.

Here are some of the questions I asked Tim:

  • You’re not supposed to be alive today, can you give people a glimpse into your story?
  • How does the overarching concept of walking WITH Jesus permeate not only your music, but also your daily life?
  • You have a unique way of looking at “blessing” – can you explain?
  • How can you encourage our audience to hold both pain and joy simultaneously?

Father, Musician, Chef & Worship Pastor

Tim joined the staff of Journey church in 2016 and is currently their worship pastor. Before moving to Franklin with his wife, Hilary, and their 4 kids, he spent 15 years leading worship in Orange County, CA.

He is a Grammy-nominated songwriter and artist, as well as the founder of 10000MINUTES.com, which exists to invite, inspire, and equip people to know and follow Jesus all week long.

Tim’s greatest desire is for people to discover and live into the fullest life that is found with Jesus.

After two decades of ministry and a lifetime of looking for Jesus, Timmons is no stranger to pain, cancer, sorrow, failure, joy and hope. Tim Timmons’ life has always been one of adventure, but for the first time, the singer-songwriter feels awake enough to actually live it. 

 “For most of my life,” Timmons shares, “I found myself working for God, and not walking with Him, which led to my tired soul desperately searching for more, saying, ‘Jesus, is this all there is?’”

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