Wait a Day {Family Money Minute}

by brenna

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Wait a Day[powerpress]

February 23, 2015: Wait a Day

Need a sure fire method to keep your kids from asking for something every time you step foot into a store?

I can’t remember exactly when we started implementing the “wait a day” principle with our kids, but it seems like forever ago and it’s a principle they’ve never questioned to this day.

Here’s how it works:
If our kids see something in a store they want to buy, even with their own money, they have to wait a day. Let’s face it, most of us could walk in anywhere and find at least one thing we want, so multiply that by every store in the mall on a shopping trip and it’s a sure fire recipe for disaster.

Making them wait a day not only takes the pressure off of us as parents while we are shopping, but it tests whether or not that “must-have” items is something they really want.

Even when they are saving their money, we ask them what they are saving it for, so we know what they will spend it on and not act quickly on the latest fad.

Not only does it cut down on impulsive spending, but it doubles as a great lesson in patience for all of us as well.


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