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When Your Child Loses a Friend

When Your child loses a friend

As parents, we want the best for our children. My husband and I pray about everything in our kids’ lives, from their health and safety to their schools and yes, even their friends. While we understand that we cannot choose all the people our children surround themselves with as they get older, it doesn’t lessen our desire for them to …

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Nashville’s Nutcracker Youth Cast Dancer Behind the Scenes Interview

Nutcracker Ticket Giveaway

Nashville’s Nutcracker Youth Cast Dancer Behind the Scenes Interview This year, my daughter once again joined the Nashville Ballet Youth Cast for Nashville’s Nutcracker as a garden fairy. Two years ago, I chronicled the behind the scenes life of a parent of a youth cast dancer, videoing everything from rehearsals to costume fittings and even back stage before their performance …

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Girls Indian Costume Homemade by Daddy

Girls Indian Costume

I just had to share this girls Indian costume that was homemade by her daddy for her school’s colonial days this week. When we saw the emails about needing colonial costumes for our kids, I immediately panicked. I’m not exactly what you’d call “crafty”, so to be honest, I ignored it initially. But after constant questions from my type-A first …

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Saige American Girl Doll Giveaway (+ Saige Paints the Sky DVD!)

saige american girl doll giveaway dvd

You may remember not long ago when I shared about the Saige American Girl doll scavenger hunt I came up with to surprise my daughter with the 2013 American Girl Doll of the Year. I also had the pleasure of hosting a Saige American Girl Doll giveaway earlier this year. I received SO many amazing responses, both here and on …

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Nashville Nutcracker Auditions: Youth Cast

nashville ballet nutcracker youth cast

Are you wondering about Nashville Nutcracker Auditions for their youth cast? Last year was the first year my daughter participated as a youth cast member in the Nashville Nutcracker with the Nashville Ballet and she made it on her very first audition! She was taking classes at the Nashville Ballet at the time, but is not this year…and children between …

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A Saige American Girl giveaway & art scavenger hunt


After just getting introduced to American Girl dolls a few short months ago, I feel like we have gotten to intimately know so many of these lovely ladies: McKenna with her passion for gymnastics, Caroline, the newest historical doll and her pension for adventure, and now we have the chance to meet the 2013 Girl of the year, Saige with …

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Nashville Ballet Nutcracker Youth Cast Dress Rehearsal Behind the Scenes at TPAC


Nashville Ballet Nutcracker youth cast dress rehearsal behind the scenes video from TPAC: In my final stint as the Official Blogger for the 2012 Nashville Ballet Nutcracker Youth Cast, I got to follow my daughter behind the scenes from start to finish for her final dress rehearsal at TPAC. For those of you who don’t know, my daughter took her …

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Nashville Ballet Nutcracker Cyber Monday Ticket Discount Code


If you’ve been waiting to buy your tickets for the Nashville Ballet Nutcracker, this is the time because I now have a Nashville Ballet Nutcracker Cyber Monday ticket discount code with a special promo code to offer you through November 26! CYBER MONDAY TICKET DISCOUNT UPDATE¬† Now through Cyber Monday, you can save $12 off your Nashville Ballet Nutcracker tickets …

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Barbie Photo Fashion Doll: A Gift that captures Memories


So if you’ve been reading my blog the past few weeks, then you know that Kariss has thoroughly been enjoying her Barbie Photo Fashion Doll and the freedom it’s allowed her to capture memories of some truly special events she’s been a part of. So when we had the opportunity to kick-off the holiday season at Opryland hotel this past …

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Costume Fitting for the Nashville Ballet Nutcracker 2012 Youth Cast


As preparations continue for the 2012 Nashville Nutcracker put on by the Nashville Ballet, a very important event occurred and I got to go behind the scenes for it: the costume fittings! One of the biggest misconceptions that was debunked for me was the cost involved with being a part of the cast of the Nashville Nutcracker. The youth cast …

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