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Wrapping Community Around Our Kids

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Last night, I posted this picture on Instagram, not because of its amazing photographic composition, but because it represents so many people that love on my daughter so well.

And more importantly, it shows that parenting requires so much more than just one or two people; it involves seeking out others who also love on your kids, but in different ways than you do.

My husband & I have been intentional over the years about seeking out others who our kids can trust & feel comfortable talking to & confiding in, knowing full well the time will soon come when they may not always feel like telling us everything that’s going on in their lives.

Some of those AMAZING women showed up to support our daughter at her spring orchestra concert. There are many others who couldn’t be there, but for those who came, I am humbled & blessed by how well you love on my girl.

When we die, we won’t be remembered for what we had, we’ll be remembered for who we loved. These women loved well tonight & I will always be grateful for them.

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