Are You OK if Your Child Doesn’t Do Anything Extraordinary?

by Sami

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A friend in church today mentioned she felt raw. After spending much of the morning on the brink of tears, I silently thought to myself, “I’m glad I’m not the only one.”

Between the lack of humility & civility in our country to basic life challenges, I’ve just felt “heavy” for the past 24 hours.

Today’s #everydayphotoaday challenge was “everyday moments”, and while church and community are definitely that for us, today my daughter played her cello for the first time during worship in the student service. While I didn’t get to see her, I did hear about it from several friends later on…and they loved hearing her play.

kariss cone cello backpack

As I was driving during one of those aforementioned difficult times earlier today, I heard a question in my head asking, “Are you OK if she doesn’t do anything extraordinary?”

It took me aback, but later in class, I re-read a phrase from Anderson’s “Who I Am in Christ” that says:

“Our significance will not be measured by the greatness of our gifts, talents or intelligence, but how we have used what God has entrusted to us-because whatever we sow, by faith, and God‘s kingdom, will last for eternity.”

As extraordinary as I believe my children are, that are not that way because of what they DO, they simply ARE.


Parents, may we all enjoy the ordinary moments of our kids’ lives because when we get to observe them in their element, that is when we catch a glimpse of how extraordinary they really are.

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