7 Ways to Save over $100 a Month


I’m sharing 7 ways to save over $100 a month on Talk of the Town, but in case any of you miss it live on TV, I wanted to share these tips with you in detail here. The truth is, these money-saving tips will likely save you OVER $100 a month and can be used by anyone anywhere, not just …

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How to Make a Summer Budget


Summer is finally here! And while the last thing you may want to think about is creating a budget, that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do today. After all, without a plan, none of our summer fun could be possible. So here are my essentials for How to Make a Summer Budget * Discover Your Monthly …

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The 5 Budgeting Tools You Need to Use Today

5 Budgeting Tools

As someone that’s blogged about frugality for nearly a decade (and who’s lived out those very principles most of my life), I’m constantly in search of the best way to not only manage my money, but make it work better for me. While you all know I’m a big fan of good old fashioned paper and pencil, the truth is, …

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Veteran Money Advice {from my Favorite Veteran}


Memorial Day and Veterans Days are times to remember and thank veterans who have served our country so that we could have freedom. In a day and age where we want what we want and we want it now, it’s very rare that we take time to not only reflect on the past, but also learn from it. My father was …

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Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with These 5 Home Improvement Projects

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with These 5 Home Improvement Projects

This is a guest post contributed by Miriam Bornstein Some home improvement projects present opportunities to make big changes without requiring you to spend a fortune or commit hours of your time. The trick is knowing which shortcut projects deliver such benefits. Curious? Read on to learn about five home improvement projects that offer the most bang for your buck. …

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Top 7 Money Saving Moving Tips

top 7 money saving moving tips

Moving costs money. But moving expenses don’t have to overtake your budget if you follow my top 7 money saving moving tips. What you may be surprised to find is that many of these tips have to do with saving you TIME – and as we all know, time is money! After a recent move, I discovered a lot of …

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2014 Year End Donations: Our Favorite Ways to Give

year end donations 2014

It’s New Year’s Eve, which means this is the time for your 2014 Year End Donations…and I’m sharing our favorite ways to give in our family by introducing you to some of our favorite ministries and non-profit organizations that we hope you’ll also join us in supporting through year end donations today! 1. Operation 300 Operation 300 is a registered …

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Keep the Change


Very few of us carry cash anymore, but for those of you that do you, what do you do with the change? I know, change eludes us. We never have it when we need it, yet always find it in the most random places… The car floorboard. Under the couch cushions. And of course, clacking around in the dryer. I …

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9 Inexpensive Date Night Alternatives

9 inexpensive date night alternatives

Looking for some inexpensive date night alternatives that will still “wow” your loved one this Valentine’s Day? (or any day, for that matter?) Believe it or not, I actually get upset when my husband gets me things for Valentine’s Day – to me, I feel like that’s the WORST time of year to buy gifts and eat out. However, there …

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Top 10 Tips to Control Spending Habits for the New Year


Top 10 Tips to Control Spending Habits for the New Year 1. Return anything laying around the house with a tag still on it (including unwanted gifts) and use credit for something you truly need 2. Keep track of when gift cards expire and make sure to use them ALL before they do! 3. Ditto #2, except with coupons 4. …

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