6 Best Ways to Sell Stuff Online

by Sami

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Do you look around your house and think, “This is an untapped gold mine!”? Then stay tuned because I’m about to share the 6 best ways to sell stuff online so you can turn your trash into cash.

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6 Best Ways to Sell Stuff Online

Allow me to guide you step by step in the best ways to sell your stuff online. Trust me, even you can do it if you start here:


1. Create a “Stuff Spot”

Designate a spot or basket/box in your house to start collecting stuff you can sell. Not only do you want to easily keep track of what you’re selling, you want a place you can put things you’re thinking of selling to see if you’ll miss it or not.


Get in front of a solid color (ideally white) wall or backdrop and take multiple photos from multiple angles (trust me, this will save you time later, because buyers will ask). Using your phone is fine and easier for the next steps, since many of the online selling sites are App only. Include pictures of the original box/packaging if you have it.

3. Be Clear & Honest in Your Description

Make sure your title is clear and use ALL the space they give you. Then get even more descriptive in the description box. Don’t oversell; if your item isn’t the way you describe it once you meet your buyer in person, it will hurt your reviews (yes, on certain selling platforms, you get reviews as a seller and a buyer).

4. Price It Right

Think of this as an online garage sale: people will want to barter. Price your item a little higher than the final price you’re willing to accept, but not so high that you discourage someone from messaging you. If you’re not willing to budge on the price, state that clearly.

5. LIST!

You can’t sell what you don’t list. It’s OK to list on multiple platforms, as long as you are upfront that you are “cross-posting”.

6. Meet in Public

Please, please, please, don’t give out your home address unless it’s someone you know and trust. Meet in a public place (ideally near the front door of a grocery/drugstore/mall) or buy a street light or security camera. Some local police departments are even setting up meeting spots for online sellers, so look for that in your area.

Where to Sell Your Stuff Online

Now that you know HOW to list, here are some places you can sell your stuff online:

Each has its upsides and downsides, so it may take a little trial and error to discover which method works best for you and the items you’re trying to sell online.

Just remember, if you list your item in multiple places, make sure to mark it as SOLD in all those places once the sale is complete.

Online Consignment Sites

Keep in mind, some of the sites above are consignment sites, which means you send your stuff to them and they do the work for you. While this is much easier, you’ll also make a lot less money.

Need even more guidance when selling your stuff online? Check out these other great articles:

Collect Money with an App

To be extra cautious, especially if you want to stay safe with contactless delivery, make sure you collect money with an App. This not only guarantees the buyer is serious, but keeps you from touching cash if you’re trying to stay healthy.

You could even consider asking for a down-payment via the app and then the balance of the payment once they arrive. Here are just a few money apps to assist with this:

  • Venmo
  • PayPal
  • Cash App
  • Zelle

You can also watch my Talk of the Town TV segment outlining the best ways to sell your stuff online step by step:


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