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A Strauss Family Reunion: Labor Day Weekend Wedding

My niece Rachel had a Labor Day Weekend Wedding in Kansas City, which afforded us the opportunity to have a long overdue mini Strauss Family Reunion. Ricky and I decided shortly after we got married that we would do whatever possible to attend every family wedding and funeral that took place, recognizing that it’s not often that we can get all family members together in one place. Rachel & Jay’s sweet union started on his family’s farm in Kansas and then moved to the Hilton President hotel in Kansas City for a night of dancing, dancing, and more dancing (I wish I had video of their first dance together!). While I’ll be sharing more of our trip next week when I review Kansas City as a fabulous family vacation destination, I wanted to share a few picture on the site:

my precious family
The Strauss siblings with the little cousins
Rachel admiring Kariss' hair
The happy couple leaving the farm amidst a sea of rose petals
Britton & Kariss picking flowers
Those are some sharp looking kids!
7 years and counting...
with Grandpa Jerry & Mariko
Britton toasting Rachel & Jay
brothers Glen & Alan dance the night away!