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A Thrifty Thought

Don’t automatically assume that you’ll find the best deals at Costco or Sam’s Club. Though there are some gems to discover, more often than not you’ll do better waiting for the name brand to go on sale at your local grocery store and then buying the smallest quantity while using a coupon. Though typically bigger items are the better deal, if you wait for a sale, you can usually google the product online, print off multiple coupons, and then use those coupons to make a smaller bottle/box of something almost free!

For example, I used to buy the biggest can of baby formula when I was in that stage of life. But I was ALWAYS getting coupons in the mail. So what I did was instead of buying a 30 oz can for $15 with a $3 coupon (equalling $12), I’d buy two 15 oz cans which might be around $8 each, use a $3 coupon for each, and still get 30 oz but for only $10. Though the price per ounce is initially higher for the smaller cans, you actually save money buying smaller by using a coupon for each can! It might not seem like a lot, but you’d be surprised how quickly that adds up!